Thursday, April 6, 2017

Talkshow Thursday: Author Donna Schlacter

Talkshow Thursday: Author Donna Schlacter

I'm so pleased to welcome author Donna Schlacter back for a visit. She's got a fabulous new story out, so grab your favorite beverage, draw up a chair, and listen in!

Linda:  Thanks for joining me today. You have a new novella out with Barbour Publishing about the Pony Express. Where did you find your inspiration for this story?

Donna: I knew Mary Davis from the ACFW Colorado group, and met her at an ACFW conference. I asked her what she was working on, and she said she was putting together a proposal for a novella collection about the Pony Express. I said, “I’d love to be part of a group like that”, and she said, “We have all our authors, but if anything changes, I’ll let you know.” A month later she emailed to say one of the authors had dropped out, and was I still interested? I sure was. I read a lot about the Pony Express, visited sites in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas, and fell in love with the folklore and romance of the Pony Express.

LM: You have published lots of books. What is your favorite part of the writing process?

Donna: I love writing The End J Seriously, I love coming up with the ideas and then putting those down on paper, seeing the what ifs get answered by filling in the blanks.

LM: Your historical novels don’t center around one particular era. When you write, how do you go about choosing which time period to use, and do you have a favorite?

Donna: Many times, I see or hear something interesting, and I ask what if? I tend to stick to the years before the 1900’s, but I’m game to learn new stuff, I love to travel for research, and have no qualms about visiting a location to get the feel of it.

LM: What do you do to prepare yourself for writing? For example do you listen to music or set up in a specific place?

Donna: I’m always ready to write. But when I sit down to write, I pray: Lord, thank You for letting me be the first one to see and hear this story. Thank You for trusting me to transcribe this story for You. Keep my fingers nimble and my ears focused on You. Amen.

LM: If money were no object, what is your idea of the ultimate vacation?

Donna: Somewhere warm. Where I can sit, and read, and write, without internet (unless I want it), and without cell phones (unless it’s my agent calling).

LM: What is your next project?

Donna: I am currently under contract with Barbour Books for two more novellas. They’re written and just need a final edit. Then I’m going to write the next cozy mystery for my alter ego, Leeann Betts, to be published in June. 

LM: Where can folks find you?

Thanks for visiting!

READERS: Here's the link to Donna's book:

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  1. Hi Linda, thanks so much for hosting me today. I really enjoyed connecting with your readers.