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Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Sherrinda Ketchersid!

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Sherrinda Ketchersid! 

Linda: Thanks for joining me today. Congratulations on the release of your novel, His to Keep, a medieval romance. What was your inspiration for the plot? 

Sherrinda: I fell in love with Ian, the head guardsman in Lord of Her Heart, my first book, and knew he needed his own forever love. I wanted to have a feisty heroine, so when I read about a lady of a castle commanding her guards and defending the castle while her husband was away, I knew I found something I could use. It is the inspiration for the first scene in the book. 
LM: What is it about the medieval time period that draws you to the era? 
Sherrinda: I’ve loved the medieval era ever since I was a little girl and my dad read us kids fairytales. He’s an artist and would draw us coloring pages filled with knights and fair ladies. It’s always been a wonderful era to me (I confess to glossing over the more yucky parts.). 
LM: The opening scene in the book is based on a real event. How did you find out about the event and why did you decide to include it in the story? 

Sherrinda: Originally, I had Ian and his comrade stealing into the castle by digging through some loose
stones in the castle wall. That wasn’t believable, so I started researching ways castles had been overtaken in the past. When I read about a castle in France being taken by two men crawling up the garderobe chute, I knew I had found the solution to Ian being able to gain the castle. Granted, it’s not all that great that he is covered in … muck … when he up close to the heroine, but it does make for some good conflict and banter between Ian and Claire. 

LM: What is one thing you wish you knew how to do? Sherrinda: I wish I knew how to dance! I would love to let loose and have fun at weddings but am too scared to get on the dance floor. LM: What advice do you have for fledgling writers? 

Sherrinda: Read a lot and write a lot. I learn so much by reading good books. I also wish I had been more disciplined in my writing earlier, because I would have more books under my belt. I think it was Mary Connealy who had written ten books before she published, and she was able to sell much of her earlier written books. 

 LM: Here are some quickies: 

Favorite season: Fall 
Favorite movie: Return to Me (sigh) 
Favorite Bible verse: Galatians 5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” 

LM: What is your next project? 

Sherrinda: Fiona, Ian McGowan’s sister, makes an appearance in His to Keep, and I felt like she needed to find someone to build a home with. She has stayed with Ian and Claire after they married, but it was hard for her to watch their happiness and their growing family. She decides to join a convent back in her home country, Scotland, but on the way, she is taken by a handsome Highlander who thinks she is a member of a feuding clan and wants to use her to get what he wants. 

LM: Where can folks find you on the web? 

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About His to Keep

He’s fighting for his inheritance—she’s marrying her sworn enemy. 
When Ian McGowan attempts to claim Whitfield Castle as his rightful inheritance, he finds himself barred by a tempestuous lass who is entailed to be the bride of the castle’s new owner. Claire Beaumont, the orphaned ward of Whitfield, has good reason to hate Scots, and she is not about to let a Scot enter her beloved home. But when the handsome knight steals into the castle and proves his claim on the land, she must face her ultimate nightmare—marriage to her sworn enemy—in order to save those she cares about most. Restoring the failing Whitfield Castle while wooing his defiant intended proves more challenging than Ian anticipated. His struggles reach a crisis when his nemesis arrives at the castle, and he must overcome his past demons to prove his worth. He must fight for what is his to keep—and it could well cost him his heart. 

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  1. Well isn't THIS fun, one of my friends a guest on one of my other friends' blogs. Sherrinda, it is good to hear from you in a different venue. This sounds fascinating. I too love the medieval period and so does my family. One of my daughters read "Ivanhoe" in the third grade. The original, not an abridged form or Classics Comics. She can still tell you wnat it takes to set up a jousting tournament! Best of luck with this release, KB