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Talkshow Thursday: Welcome back, Sami Abrams!

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome back, Sami Abrams

Linda: Welcome back to my blog, and congratulations on your upcoming debut novel, Buried Cold Case Secrets. What was your inspiration for the story? 

Sami: Buried Cold Case Secrets was born during MurderCon. Sounds menacing, doesn’t it? Lol! MurderCon is part of the Writer’s Police Academy, a conference for authors to learn from law enforcement specialists. During this conference, I went to a forensic anthropology workshop and Melanie’s character took shape. 

LM: How did the opportunity to write for Love Inspired come about? Sami: My agent Tamela Hancock Murray encouraged me to submit to Love Inspired Suspense, and I met two different editors at the ACFW conferences that asked for manuscripts. So, I decided to give it a shot and here we are. 😊 

LM: Research is an important part of writing. What sort of research did you do for Buried Cold Case Secrets? Was there any sort of “aha” tidbit you found that you knew needed to be included? 

Sami: I’m always asking my law enforcement consultant if something is plausible. So there’s that. But I
think for this one I go back to the antifreeze poisoning. I had to make sure the symptoms were correct and have a way of counteracting it. I’m not sure it was an “aha” moment, but it was definitely interesting. 

LM: What authors influenced your writing? 
ami: Oh my, now that’s a loaded question. Lol! I’d have to say that the two authors that most influence my writing are Virginia Vaughan and Lynette Eason. Which comes in handy since they both mentor me on different projects. Virginia with my Love Inspired Suspense, and Lynette with my Elite Guardians Collection through Sunrise Publishing. 😊 

LM: In addition to writing, you are part of the Suspense Squad, a group of authors who interview other authors and hold topical discussions. How do you juggle your many responsibilities? 

Sami: The Suspense Squad is a great group. We love to have fun and can get quite silly at times. It’s a nice break from work when we are together. As for how do I juggle all my responsibilities…I’m a planner. (You notice I didn’t say plotter. Hehe!) My husband calls my calendar “the decade at a glance.” So, as long as it’s on my calendar and I’m not overbooked, all is good. 

LM: What is one thing you wish you knew how to do? 

Sami: Oh, there are so many things I wish I could do. But, I think my top two (sorry, there’s more than one. 😊)…I wish I knew how to draw. And the other, I wish I knew how to speak different languages. 

LM: What is your next project? 

Sami: I’m currently working on revisions for my Elite Guardians Collection novel with Lynette Eason and Sunrise Publishing which should release in June 2022. In addition, I have another Love Inspired Suspense releasing September 2022. Twin Murder Mix-up, book 2 in the Deputies of Anderson County series, will go on sale August 23, 2022. 

LM: Where can folks find you on the web? 

Sami: People can find me at I’d love for everyone to sign up for my newsletter so we can stay in touch. 

About Buried Cold Case Secrets

Recovering her missing memories could be the key to solving a murder Searching for her best friend’s remains could help forensic anthropologist Melanie Hutton regain her memories of when they were both kidnapped—unless the killer gets to Melanie first. For her safety, Melanie must rely on Detective Jason Cooper, who still blames her for his sister’s death. Can Jason set the past aside to solve the cold-case murder…and shield Melanie from the same fate?

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