Thursday, February 16, 2023

Talkshow Thursday: The Story Behind the Story with Elaine Manders

The History behind Emily’s Cause 
By Elaine Manders

I’m delighted to be here today with the History, Hope, and Happily Ever After blog. My thanks to Linda for inviting me to share about my latest release, Emily’s Cause, Book 8 of the Suffrage Spinsters series.
For those who don’t know me, I’m Elaine Manders, author of 35 books, mostly Christian historical romance. These stories twist and turn and surprise told by strong and courageous men and women of the late nineteenth century. Emily’s Cause is no exception.

Emily Atkinson is a crusader for women's suffrage and, since she’s the daughter of a U. S. Senator, she knows any cause needs the press to persuade people to support the movement. That takes her to Drew Michaels, a local reporter. Drew is instantly smitten with the lovely Emily and promises his help. However, he has another cause he’s publicizing—the plight of Standing Bear.

The history of Standing Bear caught my interest back when I was researching for my Intrigue under
Standing Bear
Courtesy of NPS
Western Skies series. That series, like Emily’s Cause, was also set in eastern Nebraska. I don’t often have real historical figures in my books, but I made an exception in this case. I did fudge on the dates. Standing Bear’s trial in Omaha actually took place in 1879 and my story is set in 1882. However, newspaper publicity played a big part in this important event in United States history.

Standing Bear was a Ponca Indian chief who was mistakenly sent to the Oklahoma reservation. When his son died, he set out to Nebraska to bury his son in their ancestorial burial grounds and was arrested because, at that time, Indians were not allowed to leave the reservation. His case was heard in Federal Court in Omaha, and he won in a landmark decision that defined, at last, that Indians were persons as defined in the Constitution.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Emily’s Cause, and take a look at all my books at

About Emily's Cause

Emily Atkinson's father, a US Senator, left everything, including the huge Bar A Ranch, to her when he passed away suddenly. Now, her days are a constant battle with fortune hunters while dealing with her overbearing mother. The business world is not kind to women, so she joins the local chapter of the Women's Suffrage movement, a cause she hopes to advance. The need for publicity leads her to the handsome, ambitious newspaper reporter, Drew Michaels.

One look at the beautiful, intelligent Emily and Drew is smitten, But Drew has another righteous cause to fight-a lone Indian who wants the right to be recognized as a human being. Drew knows the best way to persuade people to a cause is the truth, and he intends to print Standing Bear's story, regardless of the danger to him. Too late, he realizes he is also endangering the woman he loves.

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