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Anchored Hearts by Julie Arduini

Repairing Hearts by Julie Arduini

What if a family with a unique birth story stays in the spotlight due to tragedy?

That’s the series premise for Surrendering Hearts, my six-book Christian/Sweet/Small Town series featuring the Hart sextuplets. Each sibling will have their own book, starting with Jordyn in Anchored Hearts.

It’s Ryan’s turn in Repairing Hearts and this has been a fun one to write. Although not quite finished, you definitely get to know Ryan in Anchored Hearts. Ryan’s the loner, and he’s made a big mistake. Once out of the Navy, he refuses to move home and return to the chaos his siblings seem to bring. He buys a country fixer-upper in Watkins Glen, New York overlooking Seneca Lake.

It’s way more than a place that needs TLC. It needs a complete overhaul.

Repairing Hearts is about that process, and the shortcut Ryan and his brother
Evan used to get Ryan a nice house without going bankrupt. Evan created a reality series to showcase their 25th birthday. All Ryan has to do is pick a winning contestant to manage the repair and remodel that will take place in another reality show featuring the sextuplets helping with the home improvements.

The show, Repairing Ryan’s Heart, turns out to be more of a dating experience than anything. Although some of the women have home repair and construction experience, the cameras are on in private Ryan’s near every moment.

All my books have a surrender issue and chocolate mentions, and Ryan has to let his guard down. As the show continues, he learns how much Evan grieves the loss of their mother. It’s a box of feelings Ryan hasn’t opened, either. As Jordyn has a new career helping families like them, and Paige is off seeking help because of her grief, Ryan doesn’t just need his home transformed, he needs his heart healed as well.

With any reality show, there are twists, turns, and secrets. BJ Wallace wants no part of the show, but her best friend secretly submitted BJ’s application. She’s spent most of her life hiding her past and her hurt, and Repairing Ryan’s Heart and falling for Ryan Hart may destroy her and the Hart family.

The series will continue with Evan and Building Hearts. The winner from Repairing Ryan’s Heart will work with the siblings and their crews as each sextuplet is assigned a room to remodel. Evan has grand plans to make this show a success, but of course, that’s not going to happen without obstacles, right?

If you haven’t read Anchored Hearts yet, now is a perfect time so you are ready for the Repairing Hearts release this year. If you want to be in the loop, follow me on Link Tree below where my social media and book site links are there for your convenience.

Do you like reality shows? How about family drama? Although the series is a romance, I’ve enjoyed incorporating the Hart sextuplets into each book.

About Repairing Hearts

What happens when a reality show messes up sextuplet Ryan Hart’s privacy more than the blight called his home?

Ryan Hart, the second oldest of the sextuplets, can’t enjoy the solitude he craves when he agrees to be in a reality show. The plan is to discover a project manager to re-do his dump of a home. The truth is the show is more about Ryan’s dating life. Can he keep his guard up when everything around him is falling apart faster than the shingles on his roof? 

BJ Wallace loves her quiet life in Wisconsin she’s created far from her traumatic childhood. She then learns her best friend secretly applied BJ to a home improvement reality show and BJ won a spot contending for sextuplet Ryan Hart’s home improvement project. As the show features more of Ryan than the house, BJ falls for him. Will she win the show and destroy Ryan and his family with her past, or sacrifice her heart to protect Ryan?


Read Book #1 in the Surrendering Hearts series, Anchored Hearts, to meet Ryan and his siblings.

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