Thursday, September 21, 2023

Talkshow Thursday with Janice Cole Hopkins

A Series to Love 
By Janice Cole Hopkins

I have enjoyed writing in The Suffrage Spinsters multiple-author series. When it concludes in December, I will have written four books in the series. It has been a fun series with many possible plots of a woman supporting the women's suffrage movement before 1900. She often thinks she will never marry, but a special man comes along to change her mind.

My first book in the series, "Ingrid's Intention," has some great reviews. Ingrid Palmer's cruel father taught her not to risk the possible misery marriage could bring. After he dies, she helps her mother in her dress shop, volunteers at an orphanage, and does as much as she can to help the women's suffrage movement in Kansas City. However, when a brilliant newspaper reporter wants to write about women's rights, Ingrid's world begins to gradually shift. Can Ryan O'Grady break through the walls she's built to protect herself?

My next book in the series, "Bretta's Business," released on September 19. As a women’s rights activist with a construction business in Wyoming in 1889, Bretta Shaw’s life isn’t easy. She can’t even find anyone to work for her until Alec Peterson shows up. The newspaper misprinted her name as Brett Stone, and he thinks she’s a man; however, he agrees to take the job. Although Bretta suspects he might be hiding something, she hires him in desperation, but will she live to regret it?

"Annette's Assignment" will come next. Annette Hunt prefers staying home to going to social events,
but her cousin talks her into attending a competition between some of the best minds in Chicago. He needs her to gather information that will help him catch a criminal, and he convinces her by saying that if she does well it will be a big boost to the cause for women’s rights. With trepidation, she agrees, but is she in over her head? I have already done all my work, and Adam Skousen, the audible producer who narrated Simon's Shame and Solomon's Secret is now working on Annette's Assignment. The ebook is scheduled to be published on October 16 and is available for preorder.

"Tessa's Time" will be the last book in the series, and it publishes on December 26. After his fiancée jilts him for not spending enough time with her, Avery Brown goes to San Francisco as a guest musician. Vowing to avoid such entanglements in the future, he hadn’t expected to meet such a beautiful young lady as Tessa McDonald or be so attracted to her. However, he won’t change his resolve. Astor is the third woman to be jealous of his violin, and he's had enough. So far, Tessa has managed to fend off all the men interested in courting her. She wants to build her writing career and continue to work for women’s rights, and most men are too controlling and narrow-minded to accept either. When she meets the visiting violinist from New York City, she likes him, but she doesn’t expect him to be any different. However, the more she gets to know Avery, the more different he appears. I've finished with the rough draft of this book and am on track to have it ready in plenty of time. It's on preorder now. Browse and buy any of the books in the series that appeal to you. There are many wonderful authors to choose from, and I'm sure you'll love them.

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