Thursday, November 16, 2023

Talkshow Thursday with Donna Schlachter

Recipe for Disaster
By Donna Schlachter

Equal measures of love and mutual trust are always the best foundation on which to build a marriage. One without the other will dissolve even the most passionate of love or the deepest trust.
So what happens when a woman finds herself falling in love with a man who can’t even remember his own name? Or when a man has feelings for a woman he senses is lying to him?

Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Hope, the heroine of the story, feels like she’s been set on a shelf and forgotten. When a man practically falls into her lap—okay, into her stream—she doesn’t even stop to think. He needs help. So she takes him in, tends his wounds…then learns he has amnesia. Worse yet, he thinks she is his wife Julia. And that the three orphans she’s caring for are his children. She doesn’t want to lie to him, and doesn’t want the children trying to keep up pretenses—but how can she not startle his memory, since the doctor says he should remember naturally. Besides, she doesn’t want to build any possible relationship on lies.

Walter remembers his first name, and his wife’s, and his children’s—but what are those pecan trees
doing over there? Why doesn’t the house look familiar? And why won’t his wife let him even touch her? Having fought in the Civil War and then wandering the country looking for his family, he isn’t certain what is true anymore. If this woman isn’t Julia, then who is she? And who is he? And if he has feelings for her, what does that say about him? About his marriage?

This book is set in 1784, a time I wasn’t familiar with prior to writing the story. So I had to do some research. Online, in books, reading other blogs. This time following the War for Independence left a lot of families broken, separated, and confused. In much the same way as the Civil War would eighty years later, this war required individuals to assess what they believed about this country and the community of states who called themselves Americans.

Change is never easy, and this sort of monumental change that redefined who we were and what this country stood for ripped at the very fabric of our country. In some ways, things haven’t changed much. We look at what’s happening now, and we think we are facing unprecedented division, but in reality, that’s how this country was born, how it redefined itself, and how it continues into the future.

Recipe for Disaster, book 1 of The Recipe Box Series: 1784:

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About Donna:
A hybrid author, Donna writes squeaky-clean historical and contemporary suspense. She has been published more than 60 times in books; is a member of several writers' groups; facilitates a critique group; teaches writing classes; ghostwrites; edits; and judges in writing contests. She loves history and research, traveling extensively for both, and is an avid oil painter.

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