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Traveling Tuesday: Yorkshire

Traveling Tuesday: Yorkshire, England

War’s Unexpected Gift
takes place during World War II on a fictional estate located in Yorkshire, England. In “real life” during the war the area was filled with air bases including those in Elvington, Pocklington, Driffield, and Linton-on-Ouse. In Clifton the airfield was requisition and became a major aircraft repair depot. Like other cities and towns in the United Kingdom and in the United States, the cities adapted by converting manufacturing plants to the production of war matériel. The cream department at York’s confectioner produced munitions, dried egg, and rye crisp crackers while the gum department manufactured fuses. Another company, F. Hills & Sons built propeller blades.

In anticipation of bombing raids, thousands of Anderson shelters were shipped in. According to one site Betty’s Café became a “haunt for foreign airmen stationed at the bases around York, and many etched their name in the café’s mirror.” 

Located in Northern England, the southwest region has always been somewhat densely populated and
includes the cities of Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford and Wakefield. The city of York from with the county gets its name is located near the center. Bordered by the North Sea on the East, the Yorkshire Dales in the Northwest, Pennines on the West, and Vale of York in the South, the county has diverse geography and topography. Yorkshire’s history goes back to ancient times, and as a result of invasions, wars, immigration, and famine, the ethnicities of its residents are also diverse.

One site touts the “eight astounding things that the county has given the world:”
  • Yorkshire puddings
  • Cricket legends
  • Stainless Steel
  • The Bronte Sisters
  • The first commercial steam train
  • Wensleydale cheese
  • Marks & Spencer (a retailer)
  • The first ever football club

A typical Yorkshire breakfast is said to consist of: grilled streaky bacon, black pudding, pork sausage, grilled tomato, flat mushroom, sourdough toast, baked beans, and free-range eggs. Sounds filling!

The original “industries” of coal mining, steel production, and textiles (primarily wool) declined toward the end of the 20th century with service organizations, and engineering and electronics companies taking their place. However, interspersed with these new structures is a wealth of historic architecture from parish churches and monasteries to castles.


War's Unexpected Gift

Love and war don’t mix. Or do they?

Eager to do even more for the war effort, nurse Gwen Milford puts in for a transfer from a convalescent hospital outside of London to an evac hospital headed across Europe. Leap-frogging from one location to the next, nothing goes as expected from stolen supplies to overwhelming numbers of casualties. Then, there’s the handsome doctor who seems to be assigned to her every shift. As another Christmas approaches without the war’s end, can she find room in her heart for love?

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