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Looking for something different at your church, community, historical society, writing, library or corporate event? I’m available to speak on a variety of topics. See below for a brief description of each one.
Other topics are available upon request.
Need more information? Contact me via email: linda(at)matchett(dot)ws.
Speaking Topics:
In Her Own Words: Ever wonder what it was like to be a Red Cross girl or member of the USO? How about flying an airplane as target practice, and you're the target? Women served in countless ways at home and overseas during WWII. Drawn from autobiographies, memoirs, and interviews, this lecture shares experiences of these stalwart ladies "in their own words."

More than Rosie the Riveter: Thanks to Norman Rockwell's iconic illustration, most people are familiar with Rosie the Riveter, and the work women performed in the defense industry during WWII. But young and old, single, married, and widowed women worked and volunteered in other ways, many of which have been forgotten. Learn about the ladies who served at home and abroad while their brothers, fathers, and husbands were off at war. 

The Women's Land Army of America: By 1942, over two million men had left the farms  to join the military, yet the crops had to be harvested to feed the U.S., its troops, and our Allies. Gas and rubber rationing impacted the use of migrant workers. Learn how the Women's Land Army was formed and saved the agriculture industry from ruin.

Life on the Home Front: Rationing began in 1942 with tires and by 1943 ration coupons were required to purchase coffee, sugar, meat, cheese, butter, lard, margarine, canned foods, dried fruits, jam, gasoline, bicycles, fuel oil, clothing, silk or nylon stockings, and shoes. The automotive and appliance industries quit producing until after the war. Find out how Americans coped during this difficult time.  
Women in the Workforce: With over twelve million men serving overseas during World War II, employers were left with gaping holes in their workforce. As a result, they hired women to take the positions. This created an immense change in the culture of the times. Women had to balance work and home life, deal with discrimination and harassment, and handle situations normally taken care of by their husbands or fathers. Hear first-hand accounts of these brave women.
Women War Correspondents: Dickey Chappelle, Therese Bonney, Toni Frissell, and Martha Gellhorn. These are just a few of the women who broke the barriers for female journalists. Fighting stereotype and rules designed to prevent them from covering combat, more than 125 women earned the coveted designation as certified correspondent. Listen to their stories.
Christian Fiction: Why Bother? Some people trace the beginning of the Christian fiction market to Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly published in 1979. The market has come a long way since then, with many publishers of religious non-fiction adding a fiction division to their companies. There are both supporters and critics of the genre. Listen to what authors have to say about this touchy subject – why they choose to write Christian fiction, what they write about and future opportunities in the industry.
The Writer’s Life (Inspiration + Perspiration): Ever wonder where writers get their ideas for stories? Thinking of writing a story yourself? Want to know what it takes to get published? In this humorous talk, I’ll share the ups and downs of my writing journey.
Get it Right! (Adventures in Research): Have your started to read a book or watch a movie only to close it up because the author made a glaring mistake? Did the author put mountains in Houston, TX or grow tropical flowers in New England? Learn some of the fun ways authors research their books, even though sometimes we get it wrong.
Are You a Foot or a Hand? (Spiritual Gifts) As part of the Body of Christ, we’re all different. Are you having trouble figuring out which part you are? Do you know your gifts but feel like they aren’t as glamourous or appreciated as those exhibited by other people? Be encouraged, my friends, God has gifted you for his purpose.  Find out what it is.

God in the Workplace: Are you a Christian working outside the home? Do you find it difficult to witness to your co-workers? You're not alone. Many Christians struggle with this very thing. This is my testimony of thirty years as a Human Resources professional, and how I successfully (and sometimes unsuccessfully) shared my faith in Corporate America.

Other topics:
  • The Proverbs 31 Gal: The Woman We Love to Hate
  • Ruth: Lessons from a Foreigner
  • Esther: We're all Queens

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