Monday, July 3, 2017

Mystery Monday: Under Fire

Mystery Monday: Under Fire

Three weeks and counting until the release of my full-length mystery, Under Fire, featuring War Correspondent/Amateur Sleuth Ruth Brown. The book has been a long time in coming. It was one of the first manuscripts I wrote, and it was awful! Then I stumbled on Jerry Jenkins' Christian Writer's Guild and enrolled in his one year Journeyman course that paired me with multi-published, award winning author Eva Marie Everson. As we worked through the classes, and she gave me specific, encouraging feedback my writing improved and so did the story. I submitted it to several publishers before being accepted by eLectio Publishing last winter.

Combining themes of God's grace, forgiveness, and second chances, Under Fire is set during the early days of World War II when the Allies were struggling to achieve victory on multiple battle fronts. England was suffering the Blitz, European countries were falling by the week, and America had entered a war on foreign soil.

I hope you are intrigued by the "back of book" blurb:

WWII War Correspondents
Small-town journalist Ruth Brown's sister Jane is pronounced dead after a boating accident in the Spring of 1942. Because Jane's body is missing, Ruth is convinced her sister is still alive. A series of events and discoveries raise Ruth's suspicions about Jane's work at the local manufacturing plant, then additional clues send Ruth to war-torn London. By the time their brother contacts her with the devastating news that Jane's body has been found, and evidence suggests she was murdered, Ruth has stumbled on black marketers, resistance fighters, and the IRA-all of whom may want her dead.

Releasing on July 25th, the cover will be revealed soon!

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