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Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Alice H. Patron

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Alice H. Patron

Linda: Welcome to my blog. The premise for your story Rachel’s Valley is intriguing. Where did you get the inspiration for the book? 
Alice: After reading the book Love Comes Softly, I knew I wanted to write a clean romance that took place in the 1800s in the mountains of the west. 
LM: What sort of research was required to prepare you to write the story, and did you find any tidbit(s) you knew you had to include? 

Alice: I had to do some research about what exactly was around in the west in the 1800s and what occupations were common. I chose ranching because I've visited ranches and farms and thought it would be a perfect setting and lifestyle for Rachel and Clint. I had to search for information about ranching in the 1800s, but there are a few things I learned firsthand that I wanted to include in the story. When I was visiting a friend's ranch in Idaho during my college years, one of their cows was having trouble birthing a beached calf. I got to watch as a couple of tough cowboys tugged with their might until the little calf finally was born. It left quite an impression on me, and I knew I wanted to include that scene in my book. 
LM: Tell us a bit about your journey to publication and what lessons you learned along the way. 

Alice: I'd always thought it would be amazing to write a book, but I finally found the gumption to do it
when my sister announced she was getting a book published. I didn't even know she had been writing a book! We started a family writing group, and the four of us family members that were most serious about attending the meetings and writing have all been published or are under contract to get published. I'm pretty sure a couple other family members will get books written and published when they can find a little more time for writing. The writing and publishing process has taught me how much I didn't know about writing a book, mainly. It's a lot of work, but so rewarding. I learned it helps - a lot - to have support and advice along the way. Especially if you're meeting every week with published authors. I also learned not to give up. Like most published authors, my first manuscript was not accepted for publication. 
LM: How do you balance your writing with the other parts of your life (family, work, etc.)?

Alice: I haven't been able to write much recently. As a stay-at-home mom, I have to constantly adjust to the ebbs and flows in our family schedule and the level of neediness of my children. I look forward to writing in more than just my journal someday! 

LM: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing? 

Alice: I love going on walks and hikes, being with my family, watching movies, and playing board games. 
LM: Here are some quickies: 

Lakes or Mountains for vacation: Mountains 
Dog or cat as a pet: Cat 
Favorite shoes: boots or high heels or something in between: Running shoes in cooler weather and flip-flops in the summer. 

LM: What is your next project? 
Alice: I've started a couple books with sisters that I'm really excited about. We'll hopefully have them ready to send out to the world soon! 

LM: Where can folks find you on the web? 

About Rachel's Valley: 

Not long after saying “I do,” Rachel Wood finds herself abandoned by her husband in a mining town in the West. After a year and a half of waiting for his return, she needs to move on. She responds to an ad in the newspaper and becomes the caretaker for two girls in the small town of Breckenridge, Colorado. 

The moment he sees the beautiful young woman climbing into his wagon, widower Clint Harvey second-guesses his decision to hire someone to teach his daughters. But Rachel Wood is just what his girls need. And it doesn’t take long to realize that she is exactly what he needs, too—if only she didn’t keep holding him at arm’s length. 

Clint is the only man who has ever shown Rachel true love and friendship, and it becomes almost unbearable to not let herself fall for him. But she doesn’t want to cause a scandal in such a small town, so she keeps her marital status under wraps. But when she finally receives a threatening letter from her “husband,” she beings to question whether her marriage was even legally binding in the first place. 

Now, she must unravel the status of her supposed marriage before her chance of happiness with Clint has passed—and follow God’s law no matter that outcome, which just might be the most difficult thing of all."

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