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Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Pamela Desmond Wright

 Talkshow Thursday:  Welcome Pamela Desmond Wright

LM: Thanks for joining me today. Congratulations on your release The Cowboy’s Amish Haven. What was your inspiration for the story, and did you set out to write for Harlequin/Love Inspired or did that come later? 

Pamela: Thank you for the welcome. I appreciate you hosting me. The Cowboy's Amish Haven was inspired by a country song by George Strait. At the time, I had no idea, really, where it might go. I was sort of thinking Harlequin. But since I'd never been able to sell anything there before, I wasn't holding much hope. However, when I signed with my current agent, she knew exactly that it belonged with Love Inspired. Within a few months of submission, the book had sold. 

LM: What is your writing process like, and how much research was necessary for this story? 

Pamela: I usually do a complete synopsis/outline so I can get to know the characters and the plot. Once I have that on paper, I do a few chapters. Usually, it takes several rewrites for me to get the opening of a book right. As for the book. My hero is a bronc rider. And although I was born and raised in Texas, I was never much of a rodeo girl! I had to learn all about the sport. Never knew there was so much involved to getting on a wild horse! Quite eye-opening. 
LM: What is your favorite aspect of writing? 

Pamela: It's an escape from my own dull life. Like most people, I work and take care of family. You can
pretty much set your watch by my schedule. Taking a few hours a day to write helps take me away to a different place. 
LM: What do you do to prepare for writing? (e.g., do you listen to music, set up in a certain area, etc.) 

Pamela: I usually write in silence, though sometimes I will put on music or a television show if the words just aren't coming. I have a dedicated office area where I can focus. My space must be small and closed in and my screen must be extra large. No way I could write on a laptop in a coffee shop, LOL 

LM: You were out of the publishing arena for over seven years. How had the industry changed while you were gone? How had it remained the same? 

Pamela: Most everything involved with book production has stayed the same. What has changed is promotions. Social media plays such a large part in marketing nowadays. I can see how Twitter or Facebook can help connect an author to their fans, and I am trying to learn to use it in a productive way. 

LM: You’ve accomplished quite a lot. What is one thing you wish you could do? 

Pamela: Fly, LOL. Seriously, I wish I could go back to writing full time and give up the night job. Praying I can do that someday! 

LM: What is one piece of advice you’d like to offer to fledgling writers? 

Pamela: Pursue your passion. One of the mistakes I made as a writer was to chase the market. Whatever my former agent said was selling, I'd write it. And she'd sell it. But there came a point when I realized I did not enjoy writing in those genres. Writing had become a drag and I just didn't like the books I was putting out. After leaving that agent, it occurred to me I could write what I enjoyed, whether or not it was something editors were looking for. Thus began my foray into Amish romance. 
LM: What is your next project? Pamela: I am currently working on another Amish romance for Love Inspired. This one is book 2 in my "Humble Blessings" series, and will continue with characters introduced in book 1. Book 1, which hasn't got a title yet, will be out in July 2022, and I am so excited to share Maddie and Abram's story. Book 2, will go on with Abram's younger sister, Lavinia. I'm also planning another Texas Amish Brides book to follow up The Cowboy's Amish Haven
LM: Where can folks find you on the web? 

About The Cowboy's Amish Haven:

Her home and her heart are on the line… On the same day Gail Schroder’s faced with losing her Amish family ranch, her old crush Levi Wyse shows up on her doorstep. He doesn’t know that when he left ten years ago he’d taken Gail’s heart with him. Now Levi’s her only hope of keeping a roof over her head. But can this cowboy teach Gail the ropes in time to save her home?

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