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Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Marisa Masterson

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Marisa Masterson 
The Story Behind the Story

Strangely, a question inspired part of my sweet Christian romance about the suffragist movement. Why did a loving God forget to provide a way out for an abused wife? No matter how an author fights to keep her story fictional, parts of her life appear in print. I was wrestling with this question in 2022. Someone very dear to me was torn over leaving her abuser. She wanted to honor the Lord.

Her commitment to live according to God’s word wrenched my heart. Why would God leave her in that situation? Didn’t He want the best for His child?

This drew me to the book of Ephesians, especially the fifth chapter. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it. (Ephesians 5:25) I focused on that for the dear one close to me who was struggling. This was a husband who wasn’t loving his wife. He wasn’t upholding the biblical instructions, though he claimed to be a believer.

Leaving a marriage is a sticky subject. You can be sure I prayed a great deal about how to advise her.

That struggle is reflected in my novel. The heroine isn’t an abused wife, but she’s struggling with the idea of joining the suffragist movement. To her, it seems unbiblical. A caring pastor mentors both her and her new husband about the issue.

Here’s an excerpt from the book. You can see how the idea I wrestled with found its way into the book.

“What do you think about the push for women to vote?” There. She’d started with the hardest of her questions first.

“It’s sad.” The minister shook his head. “Married women should already have a voice in how the head of their household votes. That is, if they want a say.”

He surprised Sylvia. She was sure he would be like every other minister in Boulder and condemn the suffragettes. “What do you mean?”

“We’re told in Ephesians, ‘Love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave Himself for it.’ That tells me much, since we are thinking beings who Jesus wants to hear from. In that same way, husbands should be listening to their wives and guiding them. Condemnation bears no part in it.”

“But how does that connect to the vote?” She twisted her mouth into a confused grimace.

“I believe that women will need to be given the vote because many husbands do not love them enough to talk through the process with their wives. They aren’t giving women any voice in choosing candidates. It’s only right, in that case, that females who are of age and possess a sound mind are allowed to vote.” He shook his head. “I’m afraid it’s a part of the sin condition that fills this world.”

And the dear one I mentioned, did she leave? After seeking wise counsel, she did. Not long after that, proof of her husband’s infidelity came to light. Sadly, this was a marriage that couldn’t be saved. I pray to God that her husband will still find his way to Christ.

Sylvia's Secret

Sylvia wants to be free to make her own choices. Ernest hopes she’ll choose him. When a threat sends them running, it forces them into marrying. Will love follow?

Sylvia makes up her mind to no longer be the "good daughter". Not when Chinese children couldn’t attend school. Besides, she's nearly thirty-years-old, already a spinster! She was old enough to make decisions.

Her secret teaching leads her into danger. That danger sends her running for safety. Dodging into a hall to escape her pursuer, she finds that safety at a suffragette meeting.

What an odd place to fall instantly in love! Who would expect to meet a handsome man at a women’s rally?

A quick marriage and threats to her new husband’s life make Sylvia realize that some secrets have to come out into the open.

If you enjoy sweet romance with a historical flavor, then sink into a chair and start reading Sylvia's Secret.

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