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Wayback Wednesday: 1970s Events

Wayback Wednesday: 1970s Events

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I turned nine years old in 1970, and by the time the decade ended had graduated from high school. Most elementary school children aren’t attuned to national events, however, dinner discussions in our house didn’t seem to have limits, so I remember many of the incidents that occurred.

Failure of the Penn Central Railroad line, at the time the largest bankruptcy in the US started off the decade and a few months later, as an extension of the Vietnam War the U.S. invaded Cambodia. In May, four Kent State University students were killed and nine wounded during an anti-war rally. The following year saw additional anti-war rallies occurring outside the White House in Washington, D.C. Many people don’t realize is that America had involved since shortly after WWII, but by 1969 more than half a million troops had been stationed in Vietnam. By the time the US withdrew in 1973, over five million servicemen and women had served. President Jimmy Carter pardoned the war’s draft dodgers in 1977.

Scandal erupted in Washington, DC in 1972 with the Watergate incident, followed by President
Nixon’s resignation and Vice President Ford taking his place as president. Intriguingly, by November of 1972, the Dow Jones broke 1000 for the very first time.

Just after the U.S. bicentennial, on July 20, 1976, Viking 1 separated from the orbiter to touch down on the Chryse Planitia region of Mars, sending back the first close-up photographs of the surface. In September, Viking 2 entered the Mars orbit where it assisted Viking 1 with capturing images, eventually sending back more than 1,400 images.

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For the most part, 1979 was a frightening year, beginning in March with the incident at Three-Mile Island during which equipment failures and a stuck open relief valve prevented the removal of heat from the Unit 2 reactor’s core. Inadequate cooling water to the core caused it to overheat and suffer a partial meltdown resulting in radioactive material being released. Subsequent tests and studies indicate there were no detectable health effects on plant workers or surrounding public.

Fall saw sixty-six American citizens taken from the U.S. embassy in Iran by militants. Fifty-two of the individuals would be held for more than a year. In December, the USSR invaded Afghanistan in support of the Afghan communist government in conflict with anti-communist Muslim guerrillas. The Russians would remain until 1989.

What events do you remember from this turbulent decade?


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  1. I remember all but the railroad. I got married in 1969. We were on Guam from 1971 and left in 1975 just before the boat people descended on Guam.
    Paula Shreckhise

  2. I was born in 1970, so mostly I was unaware until after 1976. Even then, I was vaguely aware. I was aware of three-mile island, the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, and the Iranian hostages.