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Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Alyssa Schwartz

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Alyssa Schwartz!

Fields of Glass: An Excerpt

Items number twelve and thirteen on the list of things Grace was thankful for: rain boots and leather gloves.

She scribbled them down before folding the page and slipping it and the pencil back into her front pocket. Her therapist’s idea of keeping a gratitude journal seemed as silly now as it had when she’d suggested it a few months ago. At this rate, she’d celebrate her fortieth birthday before reaching one thousand entries.

But for as much as Grace initially disliked the overalls, they had their useful moments. Her hands, however … She flexed her sore muscles from yesterday’s yard work and winced at the fresh blisters. And that had been with the gloves on. She didn’t even want to imagine what sort of condition she’d have been in had she gone after those weeds bare-handed.

She’d hardly mentioned a word about it to Callie, but somehow, the woman had already known. Which explained today’s slightly less demanding activity…

Callie had disappeared inside a few minutes ago—something about duct tape and a bee-keeper suit, neither of which sounded the least bit appealing to Grace. Just the thought of being swarmed by thousands of bees, suit or not, made her skin crawl.

Something tickled the back of her arm, and she swatted at it. Heart racing, she spun around, only to find one of the climbing vines had slipped from its lattice.

How in the world was she going to endure honey harvesting like this? She should be at the ranch,
Pixabay/M. Roth

earning Micah’s respect enough to convince him of her proposal. Not playing Little House on the Prairie, no matter how much she enjoyed Callie’s quirky personality. And if last night’s argument was any indication, she still had a long way to go.

“Hello? Anybody home?” A familiar deep voice echoed from the front driveway.

“Out back,” she hollered, hoping Caden could hear her. Sure enough, he slipped through the gate, clad in a navy T-shirt and jeans, and greeted her with a wave.

“Thought I’d find you here.” His teeth were white against his tanned skin, no doubt a fact Callie hadn’t failed to notice, either.

“Where else would I be?”

He shrugged. “Dunno, but I’m glad I caught you. Is Callie here, too?” He leaned forward and peered through the open back door.

Grace didn’t miss the way he swiped his palms against his legs and kept stealing glances at the house. He might as well have been wearing a sign around his neck that said: I like Callie. She wondered if her friend had picked up on his interest as well. Their behavior last night and the way they had talked the other morning by the pasture gate—she had no doubt something was there. And from where she stood, all they needed was a little push.

Grace smiled, knowing she’d found her solution. “What would you say to a trade? You stay here and help Callie, and I’ll cover for you back at the ranch.”

About Fields of Glass:

Micah Prescott will do anything to save his family's sheep ranch, even if it kills him. With a city-based firm pressuring him to sell and the bank threatening to call in his loan, he has less than a month to figure out a solution to keep the property his father strove so hard to protect. But when a storm rolls in, washing out the only bridge to town and bringing with it an unwanted visitor, he finds his options quickly dwindling.

Sales associate Francis Grace Riley will do anything to prove that she belongs. Convinced she can secure a deal where others had only failed, she takes to the mountains in search of one stubborn rancher, only to realize there is much more riding on the outcome of this trip than her job.

From the moment Micah rescues Grace on the side of the road, sparks fly—that is until he learns who she really is. Stuck together until the bridge is repaired, the two of them must learn to work as a team if they have any hopes of achieving their goals. But when things start to go wrong on the ranch, and sheep begin to disappear, they're left questioning who they can trust... and what they're willing to sacrifice for those they care for.

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About Alyssa:

Alyssa is a Colorado native who attended the Colorado School of Mines, got her masters in Geological Engineering, and promptly became a watercolor artist and author (as one does). She loves writing heartfelt romances with happy endings, a bit of mystery, faith, humor, and second chances. Receive a free short story when you sign up for her newsletter at:

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