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Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Kaitlyn Clarkson!

How does an Author find the Right Readers?
By Kaitlynn Clarkson

We’ve all been there. We eagerly await the latest offering from a favorite author or pick up a book that looks interesting, only to discover that it’s not to our tastes at all. We experience a moment of disappointment or distaste and might hesitate to try that author again. As a reader, this is perfectly normal and expected.

For an author, it can be disappointing that a potential reader didn’t like that book, but there is a lot more work that an author can do to ensure the right readers find their books.

So, how does an author connect with the right readership? Here are a few things authors can try:

1. Identify the ideal reader

This is a crucial early step when planning a book. Who is going to be reading your book? Are you creating a character or setting that resonates with certain people? Who is in your tribe of super-fans who just love what you do?

If your story is a family saga with romance, the ideal reader is going to be different from someone who would enjoy a sci-fi romance. One helpful hint is to think about your main character and begin by creating a similar reader persona for your ideal reader. Then, write with the picture of that person in mind. Many authors find it helpful to imagine writing their story for a specific person who will absolutely love their work.

Some authors gather data about their ideal readers from advertising, while others use organic (unpaid) methods such as building an email list, being active on social media, or teaming up with other authors to run promotions.

2. Hang out where the ideal reader spends time

One way to get to know ideal readers is to hang out where they are. It’s important to spend your time
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wisely, so knowing where your ideal readers are on social media (and in the real world) helps to avoid wasting time on activities that don’t benefit your readers or you as the author.

When you find your readers’ favorite places to gather, spend time there too. Ask questions and get to know people and what matters to them.

3. Understand what’s important to an ideal reader

As you write, always keep your ideal readers in mind. What are their likes and dislikes? How do they choose what to read? Are you offering them something of value? Will they find it irresistible? Romance is an especially tricky genre for meeting reader expectations. An author must adhere to the (often unwritten) rules that govern sub-genres and tropes or risk alienating fans, so understanding reader expectations is critical for success.

4. Build connections

Readers love to connect with authors and are more likely to become loyal fans when authors make an effort to engage. Chatting in Facebook groups, answering reader emails promptly, and responding to reader comments on social media are all great ways to show your readers that you’re a real human.

5. Learn from other authors

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One of the best ways to learn more about your ideal readers is to network with other authors who share the same readership. They often have handy tips about what is working for them, and it’s also helpful to follow them on social media so you can see how their fans interact with them. Newer authors can learn a lot from other authors, and even established authors will pick up new ideas or ways of doing things by observing other authors.

There are many more things authors can do to find their ideal readers, but these tips are something everyone can implement and expect results. The perfect reader is out there waiting for your book to land in their hands!

Kaitlynn Clarkson has written over forty novels and novellas across several genres. Her latest offering includes Ezra’s Brides from the Double Trouble multi-author series.

Ezra’s Brides

Two brides. He makes his choice. And then the unthinkable happens …

When Ezra meets his mail-order bride at the station, he doesn’t expect a second woman to fall at his feet. Deeply shocked, he has no idea what to do until his mother steps in and takes the girls into her expert care. But he still has to make a choice, and each woman is worthy of his love. It’s an impossible situation.

He finally makes his choice … only to have the unthinkable happen. Saved from disaster at the last moment, Ezra is almost ready to give up on finding a bride as he questions his true identity. But even as he grapples with events of the past, love sneaks up. Will he allow his heart to receive it? Or will he forever be known as the man who couldn’t find a bride even when one fell at his feet? 

Ezra’s Brides is Book 6 of the multi-author series, Double Trouble. It is sweet and clean with hints of faith and is a standalone story that can be read in any order in the series. 

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About Kaitlyn Clarkson:
Kaitlynn Clarkson loves writing sweet and clean, faith-friendly romance stories. She writes in contemporary and historical genres because she couldn’t decide which one she likes best! She’s dreamed of writing ever since she was a little girl when she would get into trouble for reading instead of doing her chores. These days, Kaitlynn lives on a farm with her husband and children and a herd of cows. She loves to play the piano and trombone in her spare time and is certain there will never be enough time to read all the books she wants to. You can follow Kaitlynn on:

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