Saturday, January 9, 2016

Selah Saturday: Finding God in the Outdoors

I love being outdoors, even during the winter here in New England. Granted, it takes me a bit of time to adjust to the cold temperatures and constant snow removal each year, but the rewards are many. Snow shoe walks where I see myriad animal tracks such as rabbit, squirrel, deer and the occasional moose. Snowflakes frozen to the windows, each flake an individual work of art. The leafless trees and bare shrubs that allow me to witness sights normally hidden by foliage.

Rather than ramble on with more words, I thought I share some of God’s beauty from here in New England.

Sunrise above the house next door. My little camera made the colors more orange and yellow than the vibrant pink and purple actually there.
Midafternoon on the Sewall Woods snowshoe trails.
Autumn in downtown Wolfeboro. It always fascinates me that two of the same kind of tree right next to each other can change differently. (Probably a sermon there!)
Summertime view of Lake Winnipesaukee from Ragged Island.

What are some of your favorite outdoor spots?

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