Thursday, June 23, 2016

Talkshow Thursday: Meet Lisa Flickinger

Talkshow Thursday: Meet Lisa Flickinger

I'd like to welcome Lisa Flickinger today who has recently published her first novel!

Linda: Your bio indicates that you journey to writing began as a young girl. When did you know you want to pursue publication?

Lisa: Publication has always been a dream of mine, not so I will become famous or make a lot of money (probably a good thing as it won’t be happening anytime soon) but because I’ve always wanted to share my stories with others.

LM: Congratulations on publishing your first novel. Where did you come up with the idea for the story?

Lisa: My dad used to take us gold panning for hours along the rivers near our home. At the time we found it boring; but as I aged it sparked a fascination with gold rush history and led to the topic of my novel All That Glitters.

LM: The age old question for writers-are you a “pantster” or a plotter?

Lisa: I am most definitely a pantser. Characters come to my mind and play out scenes all the time. I usually have a vague idea of where I want a story to go but often new characters or plot twists will appear out of nowhere.

LM: Are any of your characters based on real people?

Lisa: Near the end of the novel, my main character, Vivian, and her friend, Alistair, visit a hospital to see if her sister Ginny might be a patient. They meet a Catholic Priest who runs the hospital and was famous in actual Dawson City history for his dedication and service. 

LM: What is your next project?

Lisa: My next project is another historical romance about a spunky young woman who sets out across country to deliver a team of mules to Death Valley, California during the Borax rush.

LM: Sounds very interesting! What are your passions outside of writing?

Lisa: I love antiques and decorating. My favourite shows are reno shows and when inspired I do some of that too. My newest passion is training as a Pregnancy Care Centre client advocate.

LM: What else do you want folks to know about you?

Lisa: I love the Lord Jesus Christ dearly, and my deepest wish is to discover what He wants me to do and to be faithful in the doing. 

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