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Mystery Monday: Foyle's War

Mystery Monday: Foyle’s War

I’m an anglophile – I love all things British. I watch BBC television, have a subscription to Britain magazine, and keep up with what’s happening in the British Isles through any number of means. I love crime fiction, and my favorite show is Foyle’s War. It combines my interest in WWII, England, and mysteries.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, let me give you the premise. Christopher Foyle is a veteran of The Great War and a Detective Chief Inspector on the south coast in the village of Hastings. Widowed, he has one son to whom he is very close. Their relationship is evidenced by dialogue and exchanged glances rather than demonstrated with hugs or physical contact. Foyle would rather be making a direct impact on the war by serving with the War Office in some way, but unfortunately, his requests for transfer are always turned down.

Historical details are highly accurate, and viewers are educated about the era often through clever dialogue. For example, Foyle’s driver, Samantha Stewart, has a voracious appetite. Her struggles with rationing are a bit of a running gag throughout the series. During one show, a group of youngsters collect scrap in an effort to win a contest. The kids come to the police station a couple of times to pick up items, but Foyle repeatedly forgets to bring stuff in to work. He comments that the children are going to accuse him of being a “fifth columnist.”
In front of Foyle's House

Although a police procedural, the show is anything but dry. Each episode intertwines a crime, a home front issue, and personal situations of the characters, and I was disappointed when the show ceased production.

In March 2015, I was visited Hastings. It was very exciting to follow in DCI Foyle’s footsteps.


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