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Blog Tour: The Duke's Dilemma

Blog Tour: The Duke's Dilemma


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About the Book


Book title: The Duke’s Dilemma  
Author: Elaine Manders  
Release date: May 27, 2017  
Genre: Historical Romance, subgenre: Regency  

Should he wed the perfect match—or the one he loves? Edward Dalton, the new Duke of Langsdale, must soon take a wife to ensure the hereditary line. A young war widow seems the perfect choice. She is charming, well respected with impeccable character, and her connections to the Ton’s most important people is an asset he can’t ignore. But Edward is intrigued by another widow. The mysterious, hauntingly beautiful Lady Wayte. Cassandra Wayte could not be a more unsuitable match. She isn’t received by polite society, and her notorious dealings with London’s underclass is the talk of nobility from White’s patrons to the most fashionable hostesses. It’s even whispered she murdered her elderly husband. But Edward sees a different side of the tragic lady, and he determines to discover the secrets tormenting her. As he peels away the layers of her resistance, he discovers a malevolent adversary stalking Lady Wayte and exposes a level of depravity that shocks even his war-hardened sensibilities. Can he win her trust and her heart? And at what cost to the dukedom? As Cassandra’s relentless search for her husband’s murderer exposes both her and Edward to unseen dangers, all they can rely on is their love for each other and their faith in God.

My Thoughts

The Duke’s Dilemma is the second book in the Wolf Deceiver’s series, but was easily read as a stand-alone. I connected with Cassandra and Edward immediately and found myself rooting for them as they navigated the curve balls like tossed at them. I was saddened when Cassandra was ostracized and subjected to unfounded gossip, and I felt her grief at the memories about the loss of her husband. I enjoyed following the investigation to discover the identity of the murderer. (I didn’t figure it out, but once the killer was revealed, I realized the clues had been laid out all along.) I liked learning about an era through colloquialisms and descriptions and shudder to think what it must have been like to have go through each day wearing the amount of clothing required by society. I was touched by the messages about faith, forgiveness, and mercy that were woven into the story through the use of dialogue. Because of the fast pace I was able to finish the book in two long sittings, and I was disappointed when it was over. I know I will read The Duke’s Dilemma again. And again. Elaine Manders is a skilled author whose characters will stay with me. Now to go back and read book one…

I received this book for free from CelebrateLit Publicity, and a positive review was not required. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Author


Elaine Manders writes wholesome Christian romance and suspense about the bold, capable women of history and the strong, dependable men who love them. She prefers stories that twist and turn and surprise, told by characters of faith. She lives in Central Georgia with a happy bichon-poodle mix. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, crafts, and spending time with her friends, daughter, and grandchildren.

Guest post from Elaine Manders

Historical romance became my favorite genre back in the seventies and eighties, and one of my favorite settings was Regency England. A Regency can be a romance in the Jane Austin mode or historical romance set during the Regency period. There is a difference, and The Duke’s Dilemma falls into this latter category. Yes, there is some of usual drawing room intrigue in an Austen novel, but The Duke’s Dilemma contains a serious spiritual theme. The plot fitted perfectly into my new series, The Wolf Deceivers. I wrote the original manuscript nearly twenty years ago as a light, secular romance, but when I revised it to Christian romance, I was delighted to find the inspirational thread deepened the characters. Instead of merely fighting for her reputation while trying to wrest the duke from another woman, Cassandra, the heroine, must fight for her survival. Instead of being another handsome, sardonic nobleman, Edward, the hero, uses his intelligence and grace to protect Cassandra and win her love. Even the secondary characters captivated me. Little Sarah’s match-making antics suited the Regency theme and provided some levity during the darker moments of the plot. Lady Ashford, Cassandra’s foil, developed a tenacity I had to admire in spite of all her shortcomings. And Sir Harcrumb became a villain I loved to hate. Though the characters changed a great deal in the retelling, the plot remained basically the same. The only thing I added was a surprise twist at the end—something that has inadvertently become a part of my brand. Every story is a learning experience for me, and I’m always grateful for how much I learn from my research and from the Holy Spirit. I’ve become more aware of those who deceive, and how vulnerable people, especially young people, are to Satan’s tactics. Also, I’ve unexpectedly come away with a better understanding of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Although this is a new label, we all know it has affected people throughout history. Yes, The Duke’s Dilemma has taught me much, and I hated to say good-bye to these characters. I love stories that move me during the writing and only ask two things of my books. That they bring enjoyment to my readers and glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus. I hope this one does both.

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  1. Ha, I totally agree with you, Linda! Every time people say that they'd love to go back in time, I think, "Nope!" I just love my modern conveniences and fashions and social rules! Nevertheless, I'm more than happy to read excellent fiction like Elaine's and live vicariously through it! ;-)

  2. This sounds like a good story--and I agree with you about the clothing!

  3. I love regency historical romance and would love to read this. It sounds great!