Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Release Day: A Bride for Seamus

 Release Day: A Bride for Seamus

I'm excited to announce the release of A Bride for Seamus. Another opportunity to dabble in the 1800s, this story is part of the "Proxy Bride Series. I had fun researching Cedar Rapids, Iowa and learning about farming and ranching in a time before modern machinery was invented. Farming is difficult work, and I hope A Bride for Seamus honors the men and women who choose this challenging life.

A Bride for Seamus is available for purchase or Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy today!


Can two people set aside presumptions, prejudices, and pain to find love? 
When her father dies after a lengthy illness, Madeline Winthrop is horrified to discover his will bequeaths their home to his business partner, a cruel and dishonest man, leaving her destitute. With no job or marriage prospects, she seeks help from her pastor who suggests she considers becoming a mail order bride. There’s just one catch. She’s to marry the man by proxy before ever meeting him. 
After three mail order brides refuse to stay and marry Seamus Fitzpatrick because of his brother’s mental issues and two rambunctious children, Seamus decides a proxy marriage is the only way he’s going to secure a wife. When the Boston-bred socialite arrives with few practical skills, he wonders if he made the biggest mistake of his life.

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