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Talkshow Thursday: Author Beth Steury

Talkshow Thursday: Author Beth Steury

Linda:  Thanks for joining me today. Congratulations on the release of before I knew you, Book #1 of the “Choices Matter” fiction series. Prior to publishing that, you wrote non-fiction. What made you decide to enter into the fiction realm?

Beth: Hi, Linda. Thanks for chatting with me today. I have to admit, I started the “Choices Matter” fiction series several years before I began my “Waiting Matters . . . Because YOU Matter” blog. I started the blog as part of my platform to promote saving sex for marriage, a theme that is woven through the novel series. I love how a story that is relatable and really pulls in the reader can leave a lasting, beneficial, even life-changing effect. And I’ve always loved losing myself in a great story.

LM: How did you find writing a fiction book different from writing non-fiction?

Beth: I found that fiction takes more time and creative energy to complete. It’s like watching a slow-motion movie in my mind as the characters and storyline come together. But there are similarities as well, as I try to “paint” a visual picture in the reader’s mind with both my fiction and non-fiction.

LM: Research is a large part of any book. How did you go about researching before I knew you and did you discover any extra special tidbits of information?

Beth: Well, no spoilers, but I did have to look up some legalities and procedural scenarios specific to the state of Indiana. And some health-related research is required for the second book of the series. Because of my commitment to a story that’s realistic and relevant to today’s YA audience, some of my research took the form of observing teenagers and even benefited from a bit of eavesdropping on their conversations in public settings. I also queried high school students while substitute teaching about likes/dislikes, trends, etc.

LM: How did you get started as a writer, and how did you decide to seek publication?

Beth: I’ve wanted to write my entire adult life. I can’t remember one particular incident that ignited the desire. I feel that God has given me a variety of messages to share, through both fiction and non-fiction avenues. I wrote short pieces of both fiction and non-fiction for multiple publications before I put writing on the backburner while raising my children. About ten years ago, I made a conscious decision to take my passion for writing more seriously and focused greater time and energy toward a writing career.

LM: You are one busy lady. What do you do for fun and relaxation?

Beth: I have to admit, I’m not very good with down time. But I do enjoy dinner out with friends and family and watching a few select TV series with my husband. And of course, reading. There’s never enough time to read!

LM: Here are some quickies:

Favorite season: I’m a “seasonal” person who loves something about each season, and part of what I like is the change itself. I would really miss the inspiration of a new season approaching if I lived where the weather was consistent year-round. Fall edges the other seasons by a slim margin as my favorite. Bring on the pumpkins and leaves, campfires and hoodies, football and sweatshirts.

Favorite food: CHOCOLATE

Favorite childhood book: That’s a tough one because I liked so many. I read my way around the “biography room” at my elementary school’s library, and then read my way through the Boxcar Children series. But three titles that always come to mind immediately are “The Pink Motel” and “Caddie Woodlawn” by Carol Ryrie Brink and “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” by Richard and Florence Atwater.

LM: What is your next project?

Beth:  I am wrapping up the second book in the “Choices Matter” series, and then it’s on to the final (maybe?) book in the series. I plan to publish the third book in the “Waiting Matters” non-fiction series in the coming months as well. After all of that, I will tackle putting my adoption search and reunion story, “A Doorstep Baby’s Search for Answers” into book form.

LM: Where can folks find you on the web?


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