Thursday, October 1, 2020

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Tracey Lyons

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Tracey Lyons 

: Thanks for stopping by. You’ve written Regency, Reconstruction/Gilded Age, and contemporary Amish fiction. How do you decide which time period to use for your stories, and do you have a favorite? 

Tracey: I love writing historicals, so all of my first books were written out of my love for history. When I moved on to a new publisher I decided to try my hand at writing Amish fiction. 

LM: Do you base any characters on real people (including yourself)? 

Tracey: Oh my goodness! Yes! I have a series called the Women of Surprise, sweet historical set in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. I based the female characters on myself and my two sisters. I’m not sure they were happy with me! LOL! 
LM: Do you have a set routine to prepare for writing (e.g. listening to music, etc.) and is there a time of
day you are more productive? 

Tracey: I’m way more productive in the morning. I like to have a scent infuser going and I put on spa or classical music. 

LM: Research is an important part of writing any book. How do you research for your stories, and have you unearthed any exceptionally interesting tidbits? 

Tracey: I travel to all the locations where my books are set. I also like to talk to people who live in those areas. Back in the day I used to spend a lot of time at my local library and historical society combing through books and records. These days I do use the internet, but I don’t find it the same as being there in person. In my first historical I got to go to the original garnet mine in upstate NY. That ended up being where I set the story. 
: What is one thing you’d like to learn how to do? 

Tracey: I really want to learn how to drive on a NASCAR track. 

LM: Here are some quickies: 

Favorite Season: Fall 
Favorite author: Shelley Shepard Gray 
Favorite Bible verse: 1 Corinthians 16:14 

LM: Can you tell us what writing projects are on your plate right now? 

Tracey: I’m in the early stages of a proposal for the Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense line and I’m tinkering with a contemporary series set in the Hudson Valley of New York State. I’m working on edits for The Amish School Teacher releasing April 2021, Harlequin Love Inspired. 

Linda: Where can folks connect with you? 


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  1. Great job, Tracey! I felt like I was sitting next to you having a chat.

  2. Tracey, this is so interesting. I'm like you, I go back to the days of libraries and historical societies -- and jotting facts on index cards. Love the internet for research, but still go to brick-and-mortar places to get out of the house.
    Did you do a lot of research before you started writing Amish?
    Kathy Bailey