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Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Back, Leeann Betts

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Back, Leeann Betts

Linda:  Thanks for joining me again. I love series and was excited to discover book #9, Silent Partner, in your By the Numbers series featuring Carly Turnquist is being released. Where did you find your inspiration for this story?

Leeann: I’ve always wanted to take an Alaskan cruise, so several books ago, a grateful friend who Carly saved from a philandering con man gifted her with a cruise. At the time, I planned the next book would take place on a cruise, but plans had to change. But it seemed a great setting: a captive population of suspects; a short time to solve the murder; and everybody loves to cruise.

LM: Research is an important part of writing any book. Have you ever stumbled on a fascinating tidbit that you knew had to be included in your story?

Leeann: I did. I learned about international law regarding cruise ships at the time the story is set, 2005, was fairly lax, which meant nobody would be there to solve the mystery, so it was all up to Carly.
LM: What is the quirkiest thing you have ever done?

Leeann: I moved from my home in Canada to the US to marry a man I’d only met over the phone and through emails. That was 19 years ago.

LM: What is your process for creating mysteries? Do you come up with the villain first, the “terrible deed” or the title? Where do you get your ideas?

Leeann: I come up with the terrible deed, match a cool title, develop the villain and the motive and how, then work back and then forward from there.

LM: How do you pick the location of your stories?

Leeann: Places I’ve been. Or places I want to go, so I have to take a research trip there first.

LM: What do you find most difficult about writing mysteries?

Leeann: Editing. I hate editing. But I’m learning to write really clean, depend on my critique group, and then I’m left with a quick edit and timeline check at the end.

LM: Here are some quickies:

Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite place to vacation: Anywhere warm
Favorite childhood author: Agatha Christie, Conan Doyle

LM: What is your next project?

Leeann:  Working on a contemporary romance set in Loveland, Colorado. And then, of course, Carly’s next book which will come out in June of 2019.

LM: Where can folks find you on the web?

Leeann: Seems like I’m everywhere these days

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