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Wartime Wednesday: Barrage Balloons

Wartime Wednesday: Barrage Balloons

Simply put, a barrage balloon is a bag filled with lighter-than-air gas attached to a steel cable anchored to the ground. A winch is used to raise or lower the balloon in an effort to deny low-level airspace to enemy aircraft in three ways:

  • Forced aircraft to higher altitudes, decreasing surprise and bombing accuracy
  • Enhancing ground-based air defenses and the ability of fighters to acquire targets
  • Presenting a mental and material hazard to pilots

Barrage balloons were used extensively in England (especially London) during WWII. By the middle of 1940, there were over 1,400 balloons, a third of them over the capital. Would you be surprised to discover that these balloons were also used in the United States?

During the summer of 1941, British officers warned Americans that Nazi planes could fly at 20,000 feet and reach the US mainland within twelve hours. In response, the Navy created two Barrage Balloon squadrons, both of which were trained at Camp Tyson in Paris, Tennessee. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US implemented an extensive balloon defense in areas such as San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Seattle on the west coast and Norfolk, Pensacola, and New York City on the east coast. Vital facilities in the Great Lakes were also shielded.

Severe storms in August and October 1942 caused some of the balloons to break loose, trailing cables that short circuited power lines. Some rouge balloons escaped capture for extended periods such as the Fort Drum balloon that evaded officials for more than a week. Following the incidents, new procedures were put into place which included stowing the balloons during winter months, regular deployment exercises, and a standby team to deploy balloons in case of attack.


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