Monday, June 15, 2020

Release Day!

Release Day: The Widow & The War Correspondent

I hope you've enjoyed Spies & Sweethearts and The Mechanic & The MD. Today, the third and final story in the Sisters in Service series is now available. Each book may be read as a standalone, but you may wish to meet all three Strealer sisters.

Are a new life and new love possible in a country devastated by war?

Barely married before she’s widowed after Pearl Harbor three years ago, journalist Cora Strealer travels to England where she’s assigned to work with United Press’s top reporter who thinks the last place for a woman is on the front lines. Can she change his opinion before D-Day? Or will she have to choose her job over her heart?

A sought-after journalist, Van Toppel deserves his pick of assignments, which is why he can’t determine the bureau chief’s motive for saddling him with a cub reporter. Unfortunately, the beautiful rookie is no puff piece. Can he get her off his beat without making headlines…or losing his heart?

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