Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Release Day: Love at First Flight

Release Day: Love at First Flight 

I'm excited to announce the release of Love at First Flight. I've been fascinated with the Women's Air Service Pilots since I first learned about them many years ago. I can't imagine what it must be like to fly a plane and admire anyone who can do so. The WASP program lasted less than sixteen months (with the Women's Auxiliary Flying Squadron starting the year before), yet made a great impact on WWII. Freeing men for combat these 1,074 women ferried planes, towed targets, and tested new aircraft. I hope this story honors them, especially the thirty eight who lost their lives in service.


Love at First Flight is an Amazon exclusive. You may purchase the book or read it through your KU subscription.


Can two people emerge from the clouds of past hurt to find a silver lining of love?


Evelyn Reid would rather fly than do anything else, so when war engulfs the U.S., she joins the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron. One of the program’s top pilots, she is tapped for pursuit plane training...the dream of a lifetime until she discovers the instructor is her ex-fiancé, Jasper MacPherson.


Collecting enough points to rotate stateside, fighter pilot Jasper MacPherson is assigned to teach the WAFS how to fly the army way. Bad enough to be training women, but things take a turn for the worse when his former fiancée shows up as one of his students.

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