Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Release Day: Legacy of Love

 Release Day: Legacy of Love

I'm excited to announce today's release: Legacy of Love. I'm back in the 1800s for this story which is part of the Keepers of the Light series. The fictional community of Spruce Hill, Oregon is centered around a lovely lighthouse on the coast, south of Astoria. Researching life in the Pacific Northwest was fascinating, and I loved learning about its deep history that reaches back centuries. I hope my book honors these stalwart men and women who crossed a continent to make a new life.

Legacy of Love is available for purchase or Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy today!


Will their love come at a cost? 

Escaping Boston to avoid a marriage of convenience aimed at garnering society’s respect for her family name in the shadow of her father’s war profiteering, Meg Underwood settles in Spruce Hill, Oregon. Despite leaving behind the comforts of wealth, she’s happy. Then the handsome Pinkerton agent, Reuben Jessop, arrives with news that she’s inherited her aunt’s significant estate, and she must return home to claim the bequest. Meg refuses to make the trip. Unwilling to fail at his mission, Reuben gives her until Christmas to prove why she should remain in Spruce Hill and give up the opportunity to become a woman of means. When he seems to want more than friendship, she wonders if her new-found wealth is the basis of his attraction.


  1. Linda, this looks good. I've done four books on the Oregon Country and this is the first time I realized they had lighthouses! I always learn something new from you.