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Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Back Daphne Self


Talkshow Thursday: Welcome Back Daphne Self!

Linda: Thanks for joining me today. Congratulations on the release of your memoir Journey On. What made you decide to write the book and how difficult did you find it to share such a personal story?

Daphne: When I came to a crossroads, of sorts, and found myself facing two choices, surrender to the pain or surrender to the Lord, I knew I needed help. So I contacted a FB group, Heartwings, and a lot of the women there sent verses to me. I used these verses to write in a journal, detailing my thoughts, my fears, my pain, and my hopes. It was meant to be a way of coping with my condition. Then one night it occurred to me, if I feel this way and was brought to the brink of despair, what about those who have it worse than me? What about those who don’t have anything or Anyone to lean upon? So I knew that I needed to share my story. And it is hard to share a piece of yourself with total strangers, but sometimes to help another, it has to be done. 

LM: In the past you’ve described yourself as a hybrid writer, plotting out certain guidelines for your characters and then letting the rest come organically. How was your process different for writing a memoir? 
Daphne: Writing this journal, this memoir, was more of a free flow. I treated it as though I was writing in a diary. Even though it was purely organic in thought, the verse at the top of each page guided my thoughts. 
LM: What is one thing you wish you knew how to do? 

Daphne: Play the piano or cello. I used to play the flute, but the sound of a piano and cello are so

LM: What is a piece of advice you’d like to give fledgling writers? 

Daphne: Don’t ever stop writing. Your season may not have come yet, but trust that the Lord will see you through to your dream. And always do your research! And connect! Connect with other authors and readers. 

LM: Here are some quickies: 

What was your favorite childhood book: Too many to count, but there are two that I remember fondly when I was a small child: The Fat Cat by Jack Kent and Disney’s The Black Hole. 

Would you rather walk, ride a bike, or drive: Walk. I miss hiking. 

Where is your favorite vacation spot: The Florida Panhandle….the latest spot was at Santa Rosa Beach. 

LM: What is your next project? 

Daphne: I am working on the third book of A Southern Saga titled Carolina Sunrise, a story about three brothers and the life changing decisions they make one summer. 

LM: Where can folks find you on the web? 

Instagram: @authordaphneself 
MeWe: Daphne Self 
Rumble: PSYKDELICRBT (this is my gamer tag) 
YouTube: Daphne Self 
Bookbub: Daphne Self 

About Journey On

We all have a valley to walk in our lifetime, yet what if that shadowed valley never ends? What do we do when our chronic illness steals so much from us? Journey On: Through This Shadowed Valley is my journal, my journey. It chronicles my ups and downs, my doubts, my praises, and my dreams. I’m giving you an inside look at being newly diagnosed with a chronic condition and chronic pain. It’s my hope that you find you aren’t alone in the fight as you read my words and the words of six other people who have learned to live with their chronic conditions. Our illness may be a thief, but we can still live life to its fullest! I invite you to travel with me in Journey On: Through This Shadowed Valley. Together we thrive!

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