Thursday, November 30, 2017

Talkshow Thursday: Fellow authors Terri Wangard and Jodie Wolfe

Talkshow Thursday: 
Fellow authors Terri Wangard and Jodie Wolfe

Linda:  Thanks for joining me today, ladies. I was thrilled when our publisher CelebrateLit invited me to be part of a Christmas collection with you titled The Hope of Christmas. I had just finished reading about the English country homes that were requisitioned by the government during WWII, so decided to wrap my story around that. How did you choose what to write about?

Terri: I learned about the USS Tabberer while doing research for Wheresoever They May Be. I loved the account of the crewmen’s heroics during the typhoon, but couldn’t use it in my book. When I heard about the short stories, I knew it was the perfect place to showcase the Tabby.

Jodie: : In my first collection with Celebrate Lit Publishing, Let Love Spring, my heroine was one of three sisters. So when I was contracted to write a second story with them, I decided to write about one of the other sisters. 

LM: When I was growing up, my paternal grandparents came to our home every Christmas. Even though they were staying the night, during their first trip into the house they would carry piles of gifts rather than suitcases. What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Terri: Going to church for Christmas Eve services. The children always took part, and one year, I was one of the angels who appeared to the shepherds. As we left the podium and went past the choir loft, one of the girls in the choir said to a friend, “They have bare feet.” Back in the day, it was scandalous to be barefoot in church, but do angels wear shoes?

Jodie: I was in second grade when our family moved from one town to another. We moved over Christmas break and I remember my parents were busy packing and I'm not sure what my brothers were up to. I remember sitting on the floor by the Christmas tree, with my back against the sofa and just staring up at the lights on the tree and enjoying the beauty of it.

LM: My story, A Doctor in the House, takes place in England, and I’ve been fortunate to visit, so I have experienced the country first hand. How did you research the settings for your stories?

Terri: Most of Typhoon Prompting takes place in the South Pacific. While I have been there on cruise ships, and even during rough weather, I haven’t been in a typhoon. So all my research came from books, one in particular that I bought used and have read several times.

Jodie: While my story Picking a Bride for Paul is set in a made-up town, it's based on a place in Kansas where my in-laws used to live. Since I had already come up with the town in my first story, it was easy to draw on it for this tale.

LM: I love to write stories, but I must confess that research is my favorite task. I can chase a factoid for days, ferreting out the details. What is your favorite aspect of the writing process?

Terri: I love the research, too. I do way too much.

Jodie: For me it's a toss-up between the research and the writing process. J

LM: What advice can you give to not-yet-published writers?

Terri: Have a lot of patience. Getting published can take years.

Jodie: Wait and trust God's timing.

LM: I’m currently working on a full length historical mystery about a young woman who joins the USO. What is your next project?

Terri:  I’m moving from World War II to World War I. My setting is the Lusitania.

Jodie: I have a full-length book coming out in May 2018 that is set in the back-drop of the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893 in Oklahoma Territory.

LM: Where can folks find you on the web?

Twitter: @TerriWangard



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