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Mystery Monday: Who was Claude Aveline?

Mystery Monday: Who was Claude Aveline?

In further exploration of what my characters might have been reading in France during WWII, I discovered, Claude Aveline who was a prolife writer. His credits include poetry, screenplays, articles, and mystery novels.

The pen name of Evgen Avtsine, Claude was born in Paris in 1901 of Jewish parents who had fled Russia in 1891 because of racial segregation and persecution. They became French citizens in 1905. In 1915, at only fourteen years of age, Claude volunteered as a medic. After WWI, he moved to Cannes to begin his college studies but experienced severe health problems and had to drop out of school.

Several of his poems were published, and he was introduced to Anatole France who became his mentor. Three years later, Claude founded his own publishing house (does that make him the first indie author?!). His mystery novel released in 1932, La Double Mort de Frédéric Belot,” was a huge success, and his 1936 novel Le Prisonnier even more so.

Interesting to note is that his Wikipedia biography refers to Aveline’s membership in the French Resistance in one short sentence. What they fail to mention is that he intentionally left Paris and moved to Lyon where he shared a house with journalist Louis Martin-Chauffier that was a major center of Resistance activities. In addition, Claude founded the underground newspaper, Combat.

After the war, he moved back to Paris and continued his writing career, winning awards and recognition, especially for his radio works. He published a psychological mystery, Carriage 7, Seat 15, which many scholars consider a classic. In addition to his fictional work, he wrote his memoirs.

Claude passed away in 1992.


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  1. This post is so interesting and informative! Thanks for sharing this with us. **I especially enjoyed the fact that he opened his own publishing house--for me that definitely makes him an 'indie' author.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for stopping by.