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Talkshow Thursday: Welcome back, Mary Ball

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome back, Mary Ball

Linda:  Welcome back. You’ve recently had two books release back-to back. What was it like to juggle the two projects?

Mary: At times, challenging. I have to keep focused on the deadlines.

LM: Did you always want to be a writer or did that desire come later, and if so, how?
Mary:   Later. When I stopped public work to keep my oldest grandson, I found time on my hands and started writing Christian articles for From there an idea for a fiction novel began and a year and half later Inspired Romance Novels published my first novel, Escape to Big Fork Lake.  

LM: You’ve written multiple books. Where do you get your plot ideas, and are they ever based or inspired by true stories? 

Mary: Not really. I believe I get inspiration with the Lord’s nudging. An idea forms and will tug at me, until I begin to put it down on word.          

LM: What sort of research did you have to do for Awaken the Past?

Mary: I live in a small town but didn’t have knowledge of the police procedures in small towns so I needed to find out a few things. I also researched gas lines on older model cars.    

LM: How have you dealt with writer’s block?

Mary: I try not to let it grab hold of me for long. Most time, if I open my WIP file and read the last chapter, or the one I’ve started, it won’t be long before I’m diving into it again.   

LM: How to you prepare yourself for writing? Do you have a routine you follow?

Mary: No. I’m busy with church obligations and my youngest grandson so I have to make use of every chance I get to sit down with at my desktop or with my laptop.

LM: What writing projects are on your plate right now?

Mary: I have a Christmas novella due in September that will part of Romancing the Christmas Angel boxed set by Winged Publications. The stories are set in 1930-1945 and are based on a good-hearted, caring heroine. I choose 1945 (when war ended) as my date because this is my first Historical and I knew I’d need lots of research. During that period, many men came home from WW11 wounded. My hero deals with being an amputee. While researching, I was astonished to discover The National Academy of Sciences (an American governmental agency) established the Artificial Limb Program in 1945. The program began the many improvements made and changed the quality of life for many.
I’m also looking forward to my next mystery novel project with age 50+ heroines, set in a small town.
Linda: Where can folks connect with you?

About Awaken the Past:

Everything Laurel believed about her childhood suddenly changed.

During her mother's illness, Laurel discovers unsettling things from her past. She travels to the small town of Silver Springs, North Carolina to search for the truth. She arrives in town and senses people watching her every move. Even the easygoing police officer Chad Wilkes gives her the cold shoulder.

With trouble following her, the Lord is the only one she can trust. Can she find the secret to the past and open her heart to more changes?

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