Monday, July 15, 2019

Pre-order Day: Love's Allegiance

Pre-Order Day: Love's Allegiance

I hope you're as excited as I am for today. After several months of writing, editing, and polishing, the final book in my Wartime Brides series is finished! Now available for pre-order at the special price of $0.99, Love's Allegiance will be released on August 15, 2019. Isn't the cover fabulous? It's my new favorite.

Check out the book trailer and description, then click on your favorite retailer to reserve your copy today:

With most U.S. boys fighting for Uncle Sam in far off countries, Rochelle Addams has given up hope for a wedding in her future. Then she receives an intriguing offer from a distant relative to consider a marriage of convenience.

Conscientious objector Irwin Terrell is looking forward to his assignment at Shady Hills Mental hospital to minister to the less fortunate in lieu of bearing arms. At the arrival of the potential bride his father has selected for him, Irwin’s well-ordered life is turned upside down. And after being left at the altar two years ago, he has no interest in risking romance again.

Despite his best efforts to remain aloof to Rochelle, Irwin is drawn to the enigmatic and beautiful young woman, but will time run out before his wounded heart can find room for her?

Inspired by the biblical love story of Rebekkah and Isaac, Love’s Allegiance explores the struggles and sacrifices of those whose beliefs were at odds with a world at war.

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