Monday, August 5, 2019

Yowza! All The Books Day 5: Terri Wangard

Terri Wangard, Soar Like Eagles

Congratulations Michelle (moma3)! You are yesterday's Yowza! All the Books! giveaway winner. You have won an autographed copy of Marilyn Turk's novel, The Gilded Curse. Watch your email for official notification and instructions.

Skedaddle, about a puppy named Skedaddle who runs away is my favorite childhood book. He goes about town and curiosity takes him to various places. Skedaddle is finally caught by a dog catcher and taken to the pound, where his family finally finds him and takes him home. If anyone recognizes this and knows the author, tell me! I also loved the Flicka, Ricka, Dicka books.

My favorite childhood author was Sally Watson. Her books are more middle grade than young children, but her book The Hornet’s Nest is set in Revolutionary War times, and it fired my interest in historic fiction.

For my books many of the surnames are plucked from my family tree. Given names need to be era appropriate, and I have to like them because I’ll be living with them for a year or more.

When I’m not writing or working, my idea of the perfect vacation is to be at the beach-preferably the Gulf Coast of Florida where seashells are plentiful!

About Terri:
Terri Wangard grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, during the Lombardi Glory Years. Her first Girl Scout badge was the Writer. These days she is writing historical fiction, and won the 2013 Writers on the Storm contest and 2013 First Impressions, as well as being a 2012 Genesis finalist. She lives in Wisconsin, where Classic Boating Magazine, a family business since 1984, keeps her busy as an associate editor.

About Soar Like Eagles:

Carol becomes a Red Cross doughnut girl, serving GIs and boosting their moral. Convinced wartime romances are doomed to disappointment, she attempts to avoid entanglements. She didn’t plan on Chet, the navigator who tempts her to throw caution to the wind.

Chet’s father and brothers always belittled him. As a squadron lead navigator, he longs to prove them wrong. He’s already been offered a terrific job with PanAm after the war. First, he must survive his combat tour. Will he even have a future?

Connect with Terri:
Instagram: @terriwangard
Twitter: @terriwangard

Your turn!
Visit Terri’s website to be able to answer the following question to be entered into today’s giveaway of Soars Like Eagles: What is Terri’s highest educational degree?

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