Thursday, September 27, 2018

Talkshow Thursday: Sit down with Sharon Rene

Talkshow Thursday: Sit down with Sharon Rene

Linda: Welcome to my blog. Congratulations on your recent release, A Mixed Bag of God’s Grace. You write children’s/middle grade and YA fiction. Why did you select that genre? Have you always have a heart for kids?

Sharon: I’ve taught Sunday school for over fifteen years in both the children’s and youth departments. I enjoy working with this age group because they’re fun and eager to learn. I tried to make my lessons as creative as possible and I think that gave me the desire to write for children and youth.

LM:  Where do you get your inspiration for stories?

Sharon:  The biblical section of A Mixed Bag of God’s Grace was easy because I had the entire Bible for inspiration. I chose old England for the historical section because I’ve always been fascinated with English history. The contemporary section was more difficult. A couple of the stories I originally wrote for magazines according to their theme lists. Unfortunately, the stories weren’t accepted by the magazines but they landed in my book.

LM: What was your favorite book while you were growing up?

Sharon: I loved Nancy Drew. I think I had about every Nancy Drew written at the time.

LM: What’s the quirkiest thing you’ve ever done? 

Sharon:  Dance with a feather boa in prison.  Please, let me explain. I worked with my church prison ministry for a while. We performed a powerful mime drama for the prisoners before the pastor spoke. My character danced with a feather boa around my neck. It was an unusual but awesome experience.

LM: Here are some quickies:

Favorite season:  Fall
Favorite Place to vacation:  Hawaii
Favorite Food:  Red beans and rice with cornbread. Can you tell I’m a southerner?

LM: What are your passions outside of writing?

Sharon: I’ve been involved in church ministry for years. I’ve taught Sunday school, worked with puppet ministry (which was the inspiration for one of my contemporary stories), worked in prison ministry and been on mission trips.

LM: What advice can you give to not-yet-published writers?

Sharon:  Don’t give up.  Many times I want to stop but God always spurs me on. Everything you write has value even if it just helps you improve your craft. I’ve been published in flash fiction and nonfiction. Keep submitting articles, entering contests and querying publishers. And above all – pray.

LM: What are you working on now?

Sharon: I am currently working on a young adult speculative series, tentatively called the “Divine Destiny” series. I’m writing the third book now.

Linda: Where can folks connect with you?

Sharon:  My email is  I would love to hear from my readers and fellow writers. I also have a website:

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