Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Release Day! Under Ground

Release Day! Under Ground

Under Ground is the second adventure in the Ruth Brown mystery series. Here's a bit about the book:

It’s been six months since Ruth Brown followed clues to England and discovered the identity of her sister’s killer. War continues to rage as Ruth reports on food shortages, the black market, evacuation of London’s children, and the bravery of the British people.

When a bombing raid destroys her home and unearths a twenty-year-old skeleton in the cellar, her reporter’s senses tingle in anticipation of solving another mystery. Unfortunately, the by-the-book detective inspector assigned to the case is not interested in her theories. As Ruth investigates the case on her own, she butts heads with the handsome policeman.

Will she get to the bottom of the story before the killer strikes again?

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Under Cover (book three in the series) is now available for pre-order and will release on February 15.

Pick up your copies today!

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