Thursday, January 2, 2020

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome back, Donna Schlacter

Talkshow Thursday: Welcome back, Donna Schlacter

Linda:  Thanks for joining me today. Congratulations on your upcoming release, Double Jeopardy. It sounds intriguing. Where did you find your inspiration for this story?

Donna: It’s amazing how inspiring this simple question from an editor can be: why aren’t you publishing with me?

Seriously, that’s what happened. Said publisher wanted a story with a cowboy on the cover. Or at least the potential for a cowboy on the cover.

LM: Research is important for any book, but especially so with regard to historic novels. Mining and ranching are part of Double Jeopardy. How did you go about researching these two topics, and was there an especially interesting fact you wanted to include in the story?

Donna: I visited the area, went to a mining museum, read some articles and books, watched a documentary or two, and did some online research. While Colorado is well-known for its gold rush, the silver rush came earlier but didn’t last long. I love to write about lesser-known facts, so settled on silver mining. One thing I learned was they used mules in silver mines, too, so I included a pair in the story.

LM: Your historical novels don’t center around one particular era. When you write, how do you go about choosing which time period to use, and do you have a favorite?

Donna: I usually look for that little nugget (no pun intended) of history or unsolved mystery, and set the story there.

LM: In addition to writing, you also have a speaking ministry, and offer critiquing, editing, and proofreading services. How do you juggle these activities with your personal time?

Donna: Personal time? LOL. Seriously, I’m a To-Do List fiend, so everything gets scheduled on my calendar. When I’m writing, I put an appointment for my butt in my chair and my fingers on the keys to write however many chapters I need to stay on goal. Same with other projects. Speaking in February? Outline in December. Write it in January. Practice it in February. Outline and PowerPoint to organizers whenever they want them. Just so.

LM: You’ve published numerous books. What advice do you have for fledgling writers?

Donna: Never be afraid to tell your story. It’s important because it is your story, and you’re the only one who can tell it.

LM: What is your next project?

Donna: A covered wagons collection. And then coming up with a new cozy mystery series for my alter ego.

LM: Where can folks find you on the web?

Donna: I’d love if you’d join me at my Double Jeopardy Facebook event on January 7th:

And, if you’re in the Denver, Colorado area, join me at the Launch Party on January 7th at Bear Valley Church, 10001 W Jewell Ave, Lakewood, CO, 7-9 pm. There will be fun, light refreshments, games, prizes, and books to buy. I’ll be the one dressed up as Zeke Graumann’s mother. Receive a free ebook simply for signing up for our free newsletter!

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